Hello, January: My Monthly TBR

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope the first week of 2020 has treated you all well. So far, January is shaping up to be a good reading month for me. I’ve read 3 books so far, and I’ve got 4 more lined up to get me through the rest of the month! January typically is my best reading month of the year, and then I start losing steam as the year continues, until November, when I desperately try to cram six months’ worth of books into two months. It’s not pretty. Because of this, I’ve taken to writing down my monthly reading goals to keep myself on track, and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all today. If you’re interested in what books I have on my January TBR, keep on reading!


  1. “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo

This had been on my TBR for months now, and I’m determined to finish it in January! I loved the original Grisha trilogy and, so far, the cast of characters in SoC is just as dynamic, something I loved in the original trilogy. Great characters, paired with an intriguing plot, I think this is going to be a favorite.

*Editing to add that I’ve finished this as of last night, but decided to leave is as a part of my January TBR*


  1. “Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo

I think this one is self-explanatory. You can’t read SoC without reading Crooked Kingdom, and if we’re getting a Shadow and Bone Netflix series this year, I want to be ready! Plus, Leigh Bardugo ends SoC on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I need to see this through, for my children (aka, Kaz Brekker and Wylan Van Eck).


  1. “The Archived” by V.E. Schwab

In my quest to read every book Victoria writes EVER, I picked up both “The Archived” and “The Unbound,” both of which I’m very excited for and think I can read this month. Which brings me to my fourth and final book on my TBR:


  1. “The Unbound” by V.E. Schwab

Again, this may be self-explanatory, but I love a good sequel! Unless I really dislike the first book, I can’t leave a series unread. I know this series is unfinished, but I’ve heard too many great things about these books to not give them a shot anyway.


And there you have my January TBR! I usually aim too high with my reading goals, which leaves me disappointed when I don’t meet them, but I think 4 books is completely attainable at this point, especially since they’re books that I’m SO excited for. Let me know what books you’re planning to read in the remainder of the month, maybe I’ll get some suggestions for next month! In the meantime, happy reading, and remember to always use your bookmarks.


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