What I’m Reading This Month: February TBR

Good afternoon all, happy Sunday! I hope your day has been restful and full of things you love. I like to spend my Sundays preparing for the coming week, both literally and mentally, which usually involves losing a few hours with a good book and lots of snacks. Today, I’ve been preparing my TBR for February, which I’m SO excited to dive into that I may have already started (and finished…) one of the books. It features some newer books, some older, and some of January’s book that I didn’t make it to. In no particular order, here is my February TBR!

  1. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

This books centers around our main character, Galaxy “Alex” Stern, an unlikely member of Yale’s freshman class, tasked with monitoring the activities of the secret societies of the university. Alex has a questionable past but her uncanny abilities make her vital to the group, and when a girl is murdered, she finds that the societies may be more sinister than she ever imagined. I finished this book hours after starting it, and I’m so glad I put it on my February TBR (review to come soon).


  1. The Archived and
  2. The Unbound by Victoria Schwab

These carried over from my January TBR and have been on my radar since I discovered Schwab’s books. The books follow Mac, a Keeper charged with maintaining the Archive,  which is essentially a library for the dead. I don’t know too much about these books, but I have started the first few pages, so I’m excited to see the story develop.


  1. The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

This year, I’m trying to expand my reading into different genres, and I’ve always been interested in thrillers. The main character, Aiden, is invited to a party, at which the daughter of the house, Evelyn Hardcastle, is murdered. Aiden is forced to relive the same day until he solves the murder and stops Evelyn’s killer. I don’t have much experience with mystery or thrillers, but this one seems promising.


  1. The Diviners by Libba Bray

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book in the bookish community, and I guess it’s a pretty spooky read, so I’m excited to check this one out. I couldn’t figure out how to write a summary of this book, so I’ll leave it linked hereif you’ve never heard of it! I have high hopes.

That’s it for now! Depending on how this month goes, I may read more than five, I might read less, but I’m looking forward to the lineup I have in this moment. Share your February TBR with me in the comments if you want, or let me know some books you think I should read! In the meantime, don’t forget to return or renew your library books, and happy reading.


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