My Favorite Childhood Books

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is staying safe, and if you’re self-isolating I hope you’re curled up with a good book like I am. I haven’t felt like writing lately, but to get back into the swing of things, I wanted to write something fun to distract from all the craziness going on in the world. I stumbled across the idea of writing all about your favorite books as I child, and I’m honestly here for it. Researching this post brought me tons of nostalgia and good feelings, so hopefully you’ll see some of your old favorites here and feel the same!

1. Corduroy by Don Freeman

This is one of the first books I remember being read to me as a child. If you don’t know, this book is about what a teddy bear does in a department store after the doors have closed for the night. I love it SO much that I bought a copy recently for any future children that I may have. It’s such an adorably heartwarming story, and it made me just as emotional as I remember being as a child. I’m sure everyone has read this one, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend you read it, children or no children!

2. Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

These books were my ENTIRE childhood. The story begins with siblings Jack and Annie discovering a tree house full of books and being whisked through history on these magical adventures. I don’t think I read all of them, but I know for sure that I read every single one available at my elementary school library. I’m positive that my love of fantasy books comes from reading these as a child. If you know, you know.

3. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

These were another huge part of my childhood, and I could probably reread them as an adult and have the same feelings. The first book introduces us to orphan Anne Shirley as she and her new family adjust to life with Anne at Green Gables. The story follows Anne as she makes new friends, makes mistakes, and grows up, and it’s a very touching story. I remember loving Anne FIERCELY and wanting to be just like her as a child. I don’t think I read all of the series, but I read every copy that 10 year-old me could get her hands on.

4. Lirael by Garth Nix

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a favorite “childhood” book any other time; I discovered this book in the eighth grade when my wonderful English teacher encouraged her students to borrow as many books as they wanted from her classroom library (spoiler alert, I was borrowing stacks of books every week. I’ll always be grateful to that teacher for fostering my love of books.) This book is about Lirael, daughter of the future-seeing Clayr, but she doesn’t have the sight like the rest of her family. This book is a journey of self-discovery and the meaning of destiny as Lirael finds her own path. It may not be a typical childhood book, however, this book profoundly shaped my development as a young reader, and it’s still one of my favorite series to this day.

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Of course, I have to include Harry Potter on this list. I won’t summarize the plot as you probably already know what it’s about, and if you’ve never read them, I highly recommend them. Reading the Harry Potter series shaped me as a person in so many ways, and it remains an all-time favorite.  I’m thankful to have grown up with these characters, and I’m as attached to them as any fictional character.

And there you have it, my favorite books I read growing up! I know there are many many more, but these are the ones that popped into my head when I started thinking about my favorites. Let me know if we share any favorites, but regardless, let me know what your favorites are in the comment section, I would love to hear from you! Until next time, happy reading!

– H.

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